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Nachrichten und Neugier über die Welt der Holzöfen

Auskünfte, Neugier oder Nachrichten über Alfa Pizza und über die Welt des Garens am Feuer.

Alfa Pizza, volle Pulle!

Kompakt, leicht und extrem leistungsfähig: Diese sind die drei Eigenschaften des neuen Produktes von Alfa Pizza, der Gasofen für den Garten DOMO.

Die schönsten Fotos von Alfa Pizza Backöfen

Die schönsten Fotos auf Facebook, Instagram und in anderen sozialen Netzwerken gepostet

Die 5 Blogs, die über die Alfa Pizza Backöfen berichten

Hier finden Sie die 5 Blogs, wo über die Alfa Pizza Holzbacköfen berichtet wurde.

Alfa Pizza:  Wer über uns auf der Webseite berichtet

Hier was die Leute über Alfa Pizza berichten. Lesen Sie die Kommentare unserer Nutzer

Die besten Pizzabäcker der Welt

Wer ist der beste Pizzabäcker der Welt? Hier die Liste der 16 besten Pizzabäcker laut der Zeitung Il Corriere

Die 5 besten Kommentare über unsere Backöfen

Rezensionen über Alfa Pizza: Hier die 5 besten Kommentare

Die 5 Pizzen, die auf der Welt am meisten gegessen werden

Alfa Pizza zeigt die 5 Pizzen, die auf der Welt am meisten gegessen werden: Entedecken Sie, welche die erste ist!

Holzofen und Pizza mit sucuk

Sucuk Pizza ist eines meiner Lieblingsgerichte beim türkischen Imbiss

The new Ciao series: One size does not fit all!

Alfa Pizza Introduces the new Ciao family, one size becomes three: Small, Medium and Large.

Klaus Grillt trifft Alfa Pizza ... es ist die perfekte Verbindung!

Leidenschaft für das Kochen und bekannt „youtuber“ macht Klaus eine gute Pizza mit unserem 5-Minuti- Backofen. Es ist „the Original“ und der ersten Backofen aus edelstahl für Hausgebrauch.

The ciabatta, a tasty italian bread for meals

There are many varieties of bread in Italy, the ciabatta is one of them.

Fires & Fireplaces magazine talk about us

The magazine Fires & Fireplaces of september 2015 talk about us and our ovens.

Chicken - an excellent meat

Some facts about chicken and its properties

Australia and italian pasta

Australia opened up many opportunities for many immigrants that brought with them their cultures and their cuisine.

Chestnuts and recipes

It is autumn and it is time to enjoy that special season treat, the chestnut.

A happy Halloween and home backed sweets

The treats now a days that fill the bags of children is that of candy. Why not treat the children with homemade cakes or cookies. It is one way for them to eat healthy.

The Columbus Day

Time to celebrate Columbus Day and the New World foods.

Halloween - the origin

Some curiosity about the feast of All Saints.

Cinnamon raisin bread

Today our friend Gemma Stafford shows us how is simple and lovely make an Homemade Cinnamon Raisin Bread

The tasty Japanese pizza

Pizza is known to have come from Italy, look at some pizza used in Japan.

When a pizza becomes a piece of art

Discover the art that there is behind a plate of pizza!

The Italian sausage for an Italian barbecue

The Italian sausage, in Italian "salsiccia", is a well-known Italian dish that many appreciate. Discover more about it.

Potatoes Italian style…. Gattò di Patate

When one thinks of potatoes, one quickly thinks of French fries... but it isn't the unique choice.

Host 2015

Wir von Alfa Pizza sind in der Halle 7, am Stand B 52; Besuchen Sie uns, wir warten auf Sie!

A bit of facts about the mozzarella

Mozzarella is one of the Italian soft cheeses that is well know throughout the world, but there are different varieties, discover them with us.

Salmon: a great fish to catch and eat

There are many fish in the waters but there is a fish that is highly appreciated in cuisine for its flexibility in the kitchen and it is that of the salmon.

Il Camino at the Summer big Trade exhibition 2015

Our Maltease distributor "il camino" will be at the Summer big Trade exhibition from 9th to 19th July at the Montekisto Estates.

The importance of homemade cooking

In this modern day society the sense of homemade meals tends to be lost but recently the trend has been changing and is coming back.

A wood fired oven and a future Master chef

A wood fired oven is more than a cooking appliance for the home it is something more.

Pizza Backöfen für Gourmets

4 Juli: live cooking in Berlin mit unserem Alfa Point Kamin Profi.

Why a wood fired oven is better than a barbecue grill

Have you thought of replacing the old barbecue grill? Are you thinking of buying a barbecue grill or a wood fired oven? Well, here is something to think about before you spend that hard working money.

A pizza that is also a dessert

Are you thinking of making a new type of dessert and have some extra dough left over? This is our proposal.

Alfa Pizza presents EVOLUTION

Ovens with a refractory heart and muscles of steel.

The history of the Pizza Margherita

Have you ever wondered how the famous Italian Pizza Margherita came to be?

How a Barbecue can help the mind also

The good weather has arrived and so it is time to take out that wood fired oven and start that fire.

Alfa Pizza on Linkedin

The world of Social networks is in continuous growth and evolution and it helps us day to day to transmit our mission and what we do. We are already present and always active on Facebook, Youtube and Vimeo and now we have also chosen Linkedin to share with you our passion!

Ready for summer?

Spring has finally arrived and summer is just around the corner. It is time to take that wood fired oven and prepare it for the weekends.

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