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Know more about flours: what are the differences?

According to the definition, the flour is the product of grain milling. In the most common sense of the term, flour is the powder made by grinding wheat grains while the product resulting from the grinding of durum wheat is called semolina. Apart from the type of wheat, semolina differs from flour for its granulometry (the grain size); the former is coarser than the latter.

Some ideas for a vegan pizza

Preparing a vegan pizza is really simple and fun; you just need the right ingredients and a bit of imagination.

Alfa Pizza steps on the gas!

Compact, lightweight and high-performing; three adjectives that best describe the new Alfa Pizza product, the Domo garden gas-fired oven.

A super tasty workshop

A workshop on fun and fine food took place in Beveren (Belgium) on 27th June.

Pizza, barbecue and grilled meat, three foods for true champions!

Saintes-Maries-de-la-mer, France, 24 June 2017, 8 a.m. a pleasant breeze is blowing, garden wood-fired ovens and barbecues are in place; everything is ready for the long-awaited “Championnat de France de Barbecue” and the first edition of the “Championnat de France de Pizza maison”. At 11 a.m. the battle begins!

Ruslan Radukov is a bulgarian chef who loves organic cuisine and nature.

Some time ago he decided to leave its restaurant in San Francisco, and came back to Bulgaria to create an exclusive village/resort, in the middle of nature, where he loves teaching kids how to prepare pane and pizza with our pizza oven 5 minuti.

Pizza, grill and barbecue in an unparalleled challenge!

A tasty challenge will be held in France at Les Saintes Maries de la Mer on the 24th and 25 th of June.

Pizzas from Italy: Rianata pizza from Trapani

The Origanata, in dialect “Rianata”, is a typical pizza of the province of Trapani, in Sicily and is rigorously cooked in a wood-fired oven.

A digestible pizza: here are three secrets for a light pizza dough

Hey, it’s Saturday evening, how about eating a pizza? No, not pizza, I can’t digest it!”

Best Alfa Pizza ovens users pictures

Images of Alfa Pizza homes shared in facebook, instagram and social networks

The 5 blogs talk about Alfa wood fired ovens

Here you can find the 5 websites talk about Alfa Pizza wood fired ovens

Alfa Pizza, what they say about us

That's what people say about Alfa Pizza, see real comments

5 Best comments about our ovens

Alfa Pizza real reviews, the 5 best comments about our ovens

Best pizza makers in the world

Who's the best pizza maker in the world? Discover the first 16

Top 5 pizzas eaten in the world

Alfa Pizza shows the most eaten pizzas in the world, discover which is the first

That’s the pizza recipe we were waiting for!

Vittorio, our good friend from “”, does his best in this new video in which he shows how to prepare a perfect no knead dough in just 5 minutes.

40 years of us. Alfa 1977 is born.

Today the company feels the need to fully capitalize on its distinctive skills acquired in 40 years and decides to set up “Alfa 1977” with its four brands that express four different ways to live the fire, its flame and its heat.

GardenExpo will open its gates to the Alfa Pizza’s ovens

From the 18 to 20 March 2016 at stand 31A, Alfa Pizza with its partner Zoffield will exhibit the wood and gas oven range in stainless steel, thought and designed for domestic use.

Alfa Pizza wins the wgec award in Paris

The all-female jury chose our wood-fired oven emphasizing some fundamental aspects such as the elegant design, the practicality and the ease of use.

The exhibition is over and in the best possible way!

A trade show dedicated to good food, novelties and many excellent meetings of people.

The new Ciao series: One size does not fit all!

Alfa Pizza Introduces the new Ciao family, one size becomes three: Small, Medium and Large.

Make your own pizza

On the occasion of “Progetto Fuoco”,a global event dedicated entirely to the heating and cooking with wood to be held in Verona 24 to 28 February 2016, Alfa Pizza has decided to dedicate an area of its stand to all those who want to get their hands-on the dough.

Progetto Fuoco 2016

Alfa Pizza will be at the tenth edition of Progetto Fuoco at the Veronafiere, the only global event dedicated entirely to heating and cooking with wood.

Video recipe: almond cookies

Today we present the video recipe to cook the almond cookies, a dessert widely used in winter.

The ciabatta, a tasty italian bread for meals

There are many varieties of bread in Italy, the ciabatta is one of them.

Fires & Fireplaces magazine talk about us

The magazine Fires & Fireplaces of september 2015 talk about us and our ovens.

Beans in an earthenware casserole

With temperatures falling we suggest a dish suitable for winter weather to be prepared with one of our wood fired ovens.

Chicken - an excellent meat

Some facts about chicken and its properties

Australia and italian pasta

Australia opened up many opportunities for many immigrants that brought with them their cultures and their cuisine.

Roasted chestnuts

Recipe to prepare the roasted chestnuts


Into the Tuscan chestnut To prepare for before you put the raisins to soak in warm water to revive her and then proceed sifting the flour into a large bowl to remove any lumps.

Chestnuts and recipes

It is autumn and it is time to enjoy that special season treat, the chestnut.

Italian white bread

Video recipe to prepare the italian white bread with the gas oven Gastone.

A happy Halloween and home backed sweets

The treats now a days that fill the bags of children is that of candy. Why not treat the children with homemade cakes or cookies. It is one way for them to eat healthy.

The Columbus Day

Time to celebrate Columbus Day and the New World foods.

Halloween - the origin

Some curiosity about the feast of All Saints.

Cinnamon raisin bread

Today our friend Gemma Stafford shows us how is simple and lovely make an Homemade Cinnamon Raisin Bread

Cinnamon Raisin Bread video recipe from Gemma Stafford

Gemma Stafford presents her video recipe to cook the "Cinnamon Raisin Bread".

The tasty Japanese pizza

Pizza is known to have come from Italy, look at some pizza used in Japan.

Onion gratin

How to bake the typical onion gratin with Duettino, the domestic wood-fired oven

When a pizza becomes a piece of art

Discover the art that there is behind a plate of pizza!

Homemakers exhibition 2015

Alfa Pizza goes to South Africa for HOMEMAKERS EXHIBITION

Baked potatoes

Simple, quick to prepare and very much appreciated by all, young and old: the baked potatoes.

Homemade Soft Pretzels from Gemma

New post from Gemma, the "bigger blogger". She presents her solution to bake homemade soft pretzels.

Spare ribs

Alfa Pizza presents the video recipe to cook tasty spare ribs with the 4 Pizze wood fired oven.

The Italian sausage for an Italian barbecue

The Italian sausage, in Italian "salsiccia", is a well-known Italian dish that many appreciate. Discover more about it.

Sausage and mushroom lasagna

Alfa Pizza presents the video recipe to cook a delicious sausage and mushroom lasagna with the Duetto oven.

Potatoes Italian style…. Gattò di Patate

When one thinks of potatoes, one quickly thinks of French fries... but it isn't the unique choice.

Chocolate Dulce de Leche Empanadas from Gemma

The "bigger blogger" Gemma presents her "Chocolate Dulce de Leche Empanadas".

Gemma Stafford

We are proud to announce the partnership between us and Gemma Stafford, the famous youtuber.

Grilled shellfish

Alfa Pizza presents the video recipe to cook the grilled shellfish with the 4 Pizze wood fired oven.

Beer can chicken

An original version of the baked chicken.

Video recipe for pizza Napoli

Alfa Pizza presents the video recipe to cook pizza Napoli with the Duetto wood fired oven.

A bit of facts about the mozzarella

Mozzarella is one of the Italian soft cheeses that is well know throughout the world, but there are different varieties, discover them with us.

Red lasagna with meat sauce

Alfa Pizza presents the video recipe to prepare the red lasagna with meat sauce into the Duetto wood fired oven.

Salmon: a great fish to catch and eat

There are many fish in the waters but there is a fish that is highly appreciated in cuisine for its flexibility in the kitchen and it is that of the salmon.

Il Camino at the Summer big Trade exhibition 2015

Our Maltease distributor "il camino" will be at the Summer big Trade exhibition from 9th to 19th July at the Montekisto Estates.

The importance of homemade cooking

In this modern day society the sense of homemade meals tends to be lost but recently the trend has been changing and is coming back.

Salmon in salt crust

Our video recipe to prepare a perfect salmon in salt crust.

Doubts about the smoke?

I live in a condominium and have a large terrace that I would like to decorate with one of your ovens of the Forninox Outdoor line. Do your ovens create smoke?

A wood fired oven and a future Master chef

A wood fired oven is more than a cooking appliance for the home it is something more.

Nutella pizza

Duetto oven for a simple dessert: Nutella pizza.

Why a wood fired oven is better than a barbecue grill

Have you thought of replacing the old barbecue grill? Are you thinking of buying a barbecue grill or a wood fired oven? Well, here is something to think about before you spend that hard working money.

A pizza that is also a dessert

Are you thinking of making a new type of dessert and have some extra dough left over? This is our proposal.

Meat skewers

The video recipe for cooking the excellent meat skewers using the Duettino oven.

Host 2015

The International Hospitality Exhibition open the doors. In Milan from 23th to 27th oh October 2015.

The choice of wood

What kind of wood is the best to use in your oven?

Not only Pizza

Is Allegro oven only suitable for cooking pizza?

Molten chocolate pie

Molten chocolate pie, this is our staff's video recipe proposal.

Alfa Pizza presents EVOLUTION

Ovens with a refractory heart and muscles of steel.

The history of the Pizza Margherita

Have you ever wondered how the famous Italian Pizza Margherita came to be?

Apple pie

Alfa Pizza presents the video recipe for cooking the traditional apple pie using the Duettino oven.

Video tutorial: how to fire up a wood fired oven

Is this your first time lighting up a wood fired oven? In this tutorial you will see our suggestions.

4th of July, a time to celebrate a birthday with a barbecue

It is early but July is just around the corner.

Ricotta, honey and pine nuts pizza video recipe

Are you tired of the same old pizza? With this video recipe Alfa Pizza gives you an alternative.

Video recipe for cooking a rosemary pizza

Alfa Pizza presents the video recipe for cooking a rosemary pizza using the Gastone oven.

Video recipe for cooking a pizza margherita

Alfa Pizza presents the video recipe for cooking a pizza margherita using the Gastone oven.

How a Barbecue can help the mind also

The good weather has arrived and so it is time to take out that wood fired oven and start that fire.

Pizza dough

Alfa Pizza presents the video recipe to prepare a perfect pizza dough.

Experience the italian art of cooking with Alfa Pizza

Thursday, 21th May 2015 from 11.00 am to 14.00 pm our Alfa Point MFK invites You for lunch with Alfa Pizza at 2C (Cooking Cinema).

Alfa Pizza on Linkedin

The world of Social networks is in continuous growth and evolution and it helps us day to day to transmit our mission and what we do. We are already present and always active on Facebook, Youtube and Vimeo and now we have also chosen Linkedin to share with you our passion!

Ready for summer?

Spring has finally arrived and summer is just around the corner. It is time to take that wood fired oven and prepare it for the weekends.

Video recipe for Breadsticks

Alfa Pizza presents the video recipe for cooking tasty Breadsticks using the Gastone oven.

Gnocchi alla sorrentina

Alfa Pizza presents the video recipe for cooking tasty Gnocchi alla Sorrentina using the Gastone oven.

Piadina Romagnola (Italian Flat Bread)

Gather the flour in the shape of a volcano and add the lard. Pour pre-heated water (as needed). Knead. Until the dough is hard enough (do not knead too much because bubbles could form during baking). Let it rest for about an hour. Roll it out. The thickness depends very much on preference and can range from two to five or six millimeters (it expands while cooking). Remember to frequently rub the rolling pin with flour to prevent the dough from sticking. The piadina must be cooked on high heat, the cooking floor must be 220°-240°C.

Savory croissant

Finely chop the onion and fry in a little oil. Add the mushroom and sausage, salt and pepper (as needed). Then add the double cream and simmer. In the meantime, turn on the wood-fired oven. Take the round puff pastry and cut it into segments. On the edge of each segment, put a bit of the mixture and a cube of cheese.

Chimney flue connection

Do I have to connect an Alfa Pizza oven for indoor use to a chimney flue?

Little calzoni

The first step is to prepare the dough for the pizza. When the dough has leavened, start to prepare the filling. There are three different types: tomato, mozzarella, olives and prosciutto; radicchio and gorgonzola; onion, potato and mozzarella.

Cat’s tongue biscuits

Start by working the butter at room temperature with a spoon, add the powdered sugar until you get a smooth texture. United gradually vanilla, flour and continue adding the egg whites one at a time that should not be cold but at room temperature and stir well.

Pizza escarole

Prepare the dough for pizza or pasta brisee. Wash the escarole in a fry pan, over low heat, shallots with a little oil and anchovies, and when the anchovies have dissolved, add the escarole spezzettandola with your hands.


Take the butter at room temperature and add it with the sugar and then the flour sifted to avoid lumps. Take then the eggs and milk and add to it all.

Video recipe of a plain Ciabatta bread in a wood-fired oven

Our friend Vittorio di VivaLaFocaccia made a plain Ciabatta bread. This is the video tutorial.

Video recipe for a quick homemade pizza without yeast

Our friend Vittorio of VivaLaFocaccia presents us a video recipe for preparing a super quick pizza at home.

Video tutorial for cooking pizza in a home wood-burning oven

Our friend Vittorio of VivaLaFoccacia presents a video tutorial for cooking a pizza in a home wood-fired oven using the Alfa Pizza wood-fired oven 4 pizze.

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