Installation guide

Prefabricated ovens


installazione passo 1

Build two masonry supports about 75 cm high to get a 110 cm high flame.


installazione passo 2

Place a load-bearing concrete slab, of a thickness of about 15 cm.


installazione passo 3

Build a floor at a height of about 15 cm with panels of lightweight cellular concrete or lightweight concrete with expanded clay or vermiculite.


installazione passo 4

After wetting the floor, spread a thin layer of Refrax with a toothed trowel to lay down the pieces of the floor.


installazione passo 5

Wet the gaps between the pieces of the floor and fill with Refrax, making sure the filling reaches lower than the floor.


installazione passo 6

After mounting the dome and possibly the arc, make sure the different pieces are fully set.


installazione passo 7

Wet the junctions between the different pieces of the dome and spread a 5 cm layer Refrax from the outside. For greater thermal inertia cast a layer of Refrax of 6 cm over the entire dome. NB: in larger ovens a thin wire mesh must be placed within the layer of Refrax.


installazione passo 8

After applying the layer of Refrax mortar, continue with the insulation of the oven by spreading at least four layers of ceramic fiber around the dome. We suggest to place at least 4 layers with 2,5 cm thickness or 8 layers with 1,3 cm thickness.


installazione passo 9

To keep the spherical shape of the oven in view, cast 3/4 cm of sand and cement on top of the outer insulation and place a layer of metal mesh on top of it as a pre-emptive measure.


installazione passo 10

If the oven is installed outside, it must be protected from rain and humidity.

How much ceramic fiber and mortar to use?

Internal diameter of the oven Ceramic fiber Mortar
80 2 rolls Kg 75
90 2,5 rolls Kg 85
100 3 rolls Kg 100
110 4 rolls Kg 135
120 4,5 rolls Kg 150
130 5 rolls Kg 170
140 6 rolls Kg 200
160 6,5 rolls Kg 230
180 9 rolls Kg 320
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