Comparative analysis of the cost of using a professional oven

Enter information about the type of use that you do or how you plan to oven.

(1) Alfa Pizza evolution oven Traditional oven (2) Electric oven
Cost wood LPG Methane gas wood LPG Methane gas electric energy
daily (€) 14,0 18,2 15,9 37,3 44,8 40,7 18,3
(3) monthly (€) 350,0 454,0 397,0 932,6 1.120,4 1.017,0 458,3
(4) yearly (€) 4.206,8 5.447,6 4.764,3 11.191,3 13.444,4 12.203,7 5.500,0
Annual saving
Alfa Pizza Evolution oven
to the traditional oven
Annual saving
Alfa Pizza Evolution oven
to the electric oven

  • (1) For the evaluation it has been used an Alfa Pizza evolution oven with a cooking floor dimension of 120 cm x 90cm
  • (2) The cost of electricity used for the calculation is equal to 0.16 € / kWh. Value taken from the website of the Authority for electricity gas and water system
  • (3) Value calculated on 25 working days.
  • (4) Value calculated on 12 months.

The right choice for a successful business

la scelta giusta

Our forty years of experience in the design and manufacture of professional ovens and our ongoing efforts in the study and in the application of new technologies to the ancient cooking brick, leads us to have innovative ovens of traditional flavor. With the creation of the line of wood-fired ovens and gas ovens Evolution , we want to offer a revolutionary product: an oven made for the professional.

The ovens in this line are suitable to meet various needs. In addition to having all the features of a classic refractory oven, the Evolution oven, thanks to the technology FornInoxTM, are easy and fast to install, are fulfilled complements of furniture, and, above all, ensure a net saving in terms of time and consumption of fuel.

Alfa Pizza Lab has performed a detailed study on the variables that have the most impact on a dining business with a particular focus on the costs of purchase, management, operation and maintenance of an oven. We put ourselves in your shoes to understand your needs both in terms of usability and in economic terms. The comparison was conducted by comparing the consumption of the Alfa Pizza professional ovens of the Evolution line with those of a professional wood and gas oven in refractory material and those of an electric oven. The results have led to the creation of the instrument at the beginning of this page. We urge you to use it by entering the parameters for the type of use that you want to do or what do you intend to do with the oven. We are sure that you will be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Evolution is the oven that revolutionized the restaurant business giving great satisfaction to all: the customer will be happy to have enjoyed excellent dishes, the chef will be satisfied in doing their job to the best and the manager will be pleased with the progress of the its business.

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